You are welcome to spend holiday in MORSKIE DOMKI in Kopalino

Morskie Domki Kopalino are 5 houses in colorful stripes, decorated in a maritime style, so that you can spend a true seaside holiday in them!

Each house is different, but all of them are kept in a maritime atmosphere, and their names are alsoassociated with the sea:
Domek Plażowy, Domek Żeglarza, Domek Koral, Domek Żółw Morski, Domek Konik Morski.
The cottages are available all year round. They were built of beautiful Swedish wood, which gives them a unique character. The cottages are heated (electric heaters).
We also rent for Christmas and New Year’s Eve or Easter. 
We accept  annimals (dogs only).

The houses are situated on two different plots: on ul. Słowika 11 (2 houses: Domek Plażowy, Domek Żeglarza) and on ul. Jeziorna 14 (3 houses: Domek Koral, Domek Żółw Morski, Domek Konik Morski).


A bit about us ...
We created this place out of passion for traveling to atmospheric and unique places. We really wanted our houses to be unique, different from others, colorful and simply perfect for holidays!
Kopalino is a place with the most beautiful beaches, surrounded by forest, which is why we chose this area.
We like animals and they have always been in our lives, so we know what it is like to have a four-legged family member, without whom many of us cannot imagine our holidays. Kopalino and Lubiatowo are the perfect place for a holiday with a dog.

We invite you to spend your holidays in Morskie Domki :)

Houses on the street Słowika 11 click on the picture of the houses to see the details
Houses on the street Jeziorna 14 click on the picture of the houses to see the details